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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt in the Waters of Manitoba

Starting July 1, 2020, local divers should be on the lookout for treasure in the waters of Manitoba. We have heard rumors that local pirates have been stashing their treasure underwater in the province. We want to collect it all – with your help.
There will be bi-weekly clues released that will point to the location of a treasure chest. Find it and bring a gold nugget to Diver City.

Your help will be rewarded.

Click here for the clues..

Email (info@divercityscuba.ca) or text us (1-833-492-8221) to receive advanced clues..

Congratulations to our winner, Jeritt!

See full game rules here;

  • Follow Safe Diving Practices and your training limitations
  • Most ‘treasure’ will be 60’ deep or shallower;
    • Occasionally clues may be revealed to an “Advanced” location (deeper than 60’) YOU MUST provide proof of Advanced or higher certification to receive credit for these nuggets
    • Want to increase your chances, sign up for an Advanced Open Water Diver Course
  • Play FAIR;
    • Please only take one of each nugget per buddy team! All buddies within a team will get credit for the nugget
    • Only one of each number in each colour rock (i.e.; 1 of black #1, 1 of white #1, 1 of black #2, 1 of white #2) may be redeemed per person
    • Do not move the treasure chest to allow others to find it (if you are found to be moving treasure, you will be disqualified)
    • Super secret – do not share treasure locations, allow others the fun of discovery
  • Some chests will remain all season, new chests added bi-weekly
  • Register to receive clues to your inbox or text

2020 Rules;

  • Always dive with a buddy, but drive to locations in separate vehicles unless you are from the same household
  • Be courteous of other divers’ space and maintain 6’/2m away
  • Do not set up immediately at entrance of dive site to allow others ample space to enter, spend only as much time as necessary in entry point to don and doff fins etc., moving away quickly to allow others to enter
  • Avoid large groups

Redeem Your Nuggets;

  • Black Gold – Instant win;
    • Only 1 of each number nugget redeemable per buddy team
    • Return nugget to Diver City to draw for your instant win prize
    • OR you may trade nugget for an early clue to the next white rock chest location
  • White Gold – Entry for chance to win Grand Prize Draw;
    • Each # = 1 entry into draw
    • Minimum 3 nuggets to qualify
    • Only 1 of each number nugget redeemable per diver

The Fine Print:

  • No purchase required
  • Contest not open to Diver City Staff
  • You will be disqualified from any winnings if found to be moving chests
  • Must have current SAFE diving practices document on file to win