Jason has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and dive with amazing people in awesome locations around the world.

He completed his Open Water in 2007, he moved into twins and Tec 50 not long after, enjoying wrecks and wall dives in Southeast Asia.  He changed to sidemount because of the freedom it allowed while diving and the ease of how small it packed down for travel.  While on Gili Trawanagan, Indonesia he met with the then, deepest CCR diver in the world.  A few weeks later,  he was hooked and purchased a JJCCR.  His instructor moved around the world ending up in Tulum and he followed.  With his guidance, he learned to enter into the Mexican underground and fell in love with looking at wet rocks.

Jason hopes to one day dive with wild dolphins and whales and he loves hanging out with the occasional octopus when he can find them.

So whether it’s lakes, shallow muck dives, reefs, caves, rusty old wrecks or deep technical dives, Jason is always up for a new adventure.

Pro Since:

Joined Team:

Certified Location: West Hawk Lake


      Greg got certified in 2017 at West Hawk Lake and immediately fell down the rabbit hole!

      By summer of 2018 he was a practicing Divemaster for Diver City and by 2019 had joined to DCS Zoo team, cleaning the polar bear and seal tanks at Assiniboine Park Zoo!

      Greg prefers off the beaten path dive destinations and is a lover of cold water diving! When not diving locally, you can find him diving in South Africa, in the UK or British Columbia.

      When he’s not diving, he’s probably hiking, cooking or taking pictures of bugs.

      Pro Since: 2018

      Joined Team: 2018

      Certified Location: West Hawk Lake


          Ashley ventured into the underwater world in 2019 in our local Manitoba waters. For as long as she can remember she has been fascinated with sharks, whales and all things below the surface.

          After her first group dive trip to Mexico she knew scuba diving had changed her life. With a growing appreciation and admiration for our Canadian waters, Ashley can be found diving in the cold of April through even colder December out at West Hawk Lake. She is most commonly found at the shop helping customers and divers to be, packing for pool nights and lake weekends and is the mastermind behind most social media posts, messages and other marketing tasks.

          Joined Team: 2020

          Certified Location: West Hawk Lake



              Bio coming soon!


                  After her open water certification Willow was hooked. She would surface from a dive wanting to learn more about scuba, working quickly to Divemaster. Ask Willow what her favourite things about scuba are; she will describe the beauty of the Canadian Shield underwater, how loud a colourful reef is in the Caribbean. She will explain how being underwater is her happy place, where the pressures of the day magically dissolves. Certified Location: West Hawk Lake


                      Dan has been interested in the underwater world since his youth. He finally decided to take the plunge after talking to other divers and got his PADI Open Water certification in 2010. You will find him mostly at West Hawk Lake where he loves to take other divers in his boat to explore the different dive sites on the lake. Dan was certified as a PADI Divemaster in 2018 and he is excited for this new adventure and looking forward to showing others this amazing world under the waves.

                      Certified Location: West Hawk Lake


                          Tiago started diving in 2010 when he did a Discover Scuba Dive, once he got out of the water he signed up for the Open Water course. Most of his dives happened in Brazil, but he has also dove in the Dominican Republic and West Hawk Lake. Tiago is passionate for all kinds of diving; whether it’s clear sea water with lots of life, darker lake with low visibility or cave dives with no life at all…. it doesn’t matter! For him, being underwater is more than enough.

                              Rick B

                              From the first time Rick sank into the water above Barracuda Reef just outside Playa del Carmen in 2013 he knew he was hooked. He got his Open Water Certification later that year and has now made his way up to the highest level of a recreational diver, Master Scuba Diver. Rick can often be spotted in the dive shop chatting with the local divers but most of the time you will find him on our Diver City vacations. He has been diving in the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, the wrecks in Tobermory and just celebrated his 100th dive last summer!


                                  Kelly fell in love with diving during in his first pool session in the fall of 2010, so much so he decided to complete his open water training at West Hawk Lake with snow on the ground and an air temperature of -10 on the very last week end of November 2010. It is fitting that Kelly completed his dive master training in November 2015. Scuba diving has introduced Kelly to many extraordinary people and amazing experiences from ice diving at West Hawk Lake to fast paced drift diving in the Philippines, wreck diving in Tobermory, wall diving in Cayman Brac and Jamaica. Kelly would like encourage everyone to try scuba at least once, whether it’s the swimming pool, West Hawk Lake or some exotic location because it’s an amazing experience to breathe underwater!


                                      Shaun has always been fascinated with the marine world, he was certified as an open water diver in 2010. He continues his love for the sport by diving in West Hawk Lake, Lake Superior, abandoned open pit iron mines, the Caribbean, and other fresh water lakes. Shaun completed his Divemaster certification and is excited about his journey as a PADI pro! Certified Location: West Hawk Lake