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Meet The Diver City SCUBA Team


    Owner/Course Director

    From that first breath under water in 2007, Jacqui felt instant love and addiction for all things SCUBA! From ice diving to tropical diving, she prides herself on diving every month of the year, including 11 months in West Hawk Lake! – Click photo to read more..


        Owner/Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

        Wayne has been fascinated with SCUBA diving since he was a kid. He spends most of his days at Diver City as the Service Technician and running the crew that cleans the polar bear and seal tanks at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. – Click photo to read more..


            Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

            Jay learned to dive in 2007 and quickly became hooked. He continued his education in a variety of specialties and certified as a PADI Instructor in 2011. – Click photo to read more…


                Assistant Instructor

                Dave has been diving since 2000, he certified as a DM in 2011 and upgraded to Assistant Instructor in 2016. Dave loves giving people their first underwater experience through the DSD program. – Click photo to read more…



                    Dallas first took the plunge in 2011, and was a little unsure if diving was right for him. A few years later and earning his Divemaster rating in 2017! – Click photo to read more…

                        Rick H

                        Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

                        Rick has been snorkeling the shores of the Whiteshell since the late 60’s, and started diving in 2008. He has been advancing his training and experience steadily over the past 13 years, becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer in 2021. – Click photo to read more..


                            Shop Supervisor/Specialty Instructor

                            Meaghan started diving in 2011 and instantly wanted to become a SCUBA instructor. After working and traveling for a few years, to gain diving experience, she became an instructor in 2015. – Click photo to read more…


                                Equipment Manager/Instructor

                                Mercedes became addicted to SCUBA in 2014 when she took the Open Water Diver course at West Hawk Lake.  She moved into the Pro side of SCUBA in 2016 as a Divemaster and eventually became an Instructor in 2021. – Click photo to read more…



                                    Alex has been hooked on being underwater since his first snorkeling trip in the Dominican in 2002. Read more…



                                        Shaun has always been fascinated with the marine world, he was certified as an open water diver in 2010. Shaun became a divemaster in 2015 and is a part of the zoo cleaning team. – Click photo to read more…


                                            Assistant Instructor

                                            Kelly fell in love with diving during in his first pool session in the fall of 2010, so much so he decided to complete his open water training at West Hawk Lake. Read more…

                                                Rick B

                                                Shop Associate/Master SCUBA Diver

                                                From the first time Rick sank into the water above Barracuda Reef just outside Playa del Carmen in 2013 he knew he was hooked. Read more…



                                                    Dan has been interested in the underwater world since his youth. He finally decided to take the plunge after talking to other divers and got his PADI Open Water certification in 2010. Read more…



                                                        After her open water certification Willow was hooked. She would surface from a dive wanting to learn more about scuba, working quickly to Divemaster. Ask Willow what her favourite things about scuba are – Click photo to read more…



                                                            Greg got certified in 2017 at West Hawk Lake and immediately fell down the rabbit hole! By summer of 2018 he was a practicing Divemaster for Diver City and by 2019 had joined to DCS Zoo team. – Click photo to read more..


                                                                Divemaster in Training

                                                                Cody got certified in 2015. Since then he has joined the Diver City team and has taken on a role in equipment servicing. He is an avid sidemount diver and started his Divemaster training in 2020. – Click photo to read more..


                                                                    Training Coordinator/Divemaster

                                                                    Ashley ventured into the underwater world in 2019 in our local Manitoba waters. She enjoys teaching others and spreading the scuba-bug, so in 2022 she certified as a Divemaster. – Click photo to read more…



                                                                        After his first trip to Mexico he knew scuba diving was for him and became open water certified in 2014. He’s since gone on to receive his Divemaster certification in 2019 so that he can help share his passion for diving with others. – Click photo to read more..



                                                                            After a pair of lost sunglasses, Tom decided it was time to get certified in 2019. He was immediately hooked and his only regret is that he didn’t find scuba earlier in his life. Tom wants to help others find their love of scuba too, so he became a Divemaster in 2021. – Click photo to read more..


                                                                                Shop Associate/Instructor

                                                                                Starting his SCUBA journey in 2019, Norm quickly fell in love. Diving as often as he could locally and spending as much time as possible in Cozumel, he became an Instructor in 2023. – Click photo to read more..

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                                                                                    Are you a PADI Pro?  Or maybe you are just passionate about all things SCUBA?!??  Contact us at admin@divercityscuba.ca and tell us a little bit about yourself, and we will contact you with any job openings!