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Pre-Season Equipment Care

We can feel it in the air….the dive season is coming!

While it may still be a little bit away, we can (and should) start our preparations now so our gear is ready to go when we are.

Unpack everything, pull it out from the corners where it has spent a long winter and check it all out. “Don’t worry scuba gear, we’ll go diving soon” (I can’t be the ONLY person that talks to my dive gear can I!?)

Tanks. Check the stickers to be sure that they are within the visual inspection date of one year. Check the hydrotest stamps on the shoulder (these should be within 5 years). If they are out of date, or you are not sure, bring them to us, we will confirm services due and get them set up for you.

Regulators. Take them out of storage, stretch them out. Check those mouthpieces for wear. If you did not have them serviced in the fall, they should have a checkout or full service before the dive season. The general rule is a full service every 2 years, with an annual inspection the year in between, but check the manufacturer service recommendations for your regulator, as they may vary.

BCD’s orally inflate them to make sure they hold air. Pull all the dumps and valves to ensure proper operation (they should let air out, but then seal it in again when released).

Masks, snorkels, fins. Check condition of all straps and mouthpiece. Any ‘checking’ of the rubber means that a strap is about to let go.