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When you think of Manitoba, SCUBA diving is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  Agreed it is not the most popular destination – and no it doesn’t have Caribbean waters and all-inclusive resorts lining the beaches – but there are some amazing experiences to be had!

Most of the more popular dives sites are 1.5-4 hours outside of Winnipeg.

Diving in Manitoba is not tropical and full 7mm wetsuits, hoods and gloves or dry suits are required to keep warm under water. While the surface temperature of the water is warm in mid Summer, there is a definite ‘thermocline’ where the cooler bottom water sits and we will be going below this level.

Our typical ‘Open Water’ dive season runs from May-December, though the later months are only for the strong-willed.

Manitoba also has something to offer that many other places worldwide cannot, Ice Diving.  Since we are ‘blessed’ with Manitoba winters, the lake will freeze over allowing us to ice dive during the off season.  A special certification is required to go ice diving, and we have had many adventurous souls travel from all over the world for the experience!