COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policies

We at Diver City SCUBA have always prided ourselves in our above industry standards for the store and for teaching.  While business will not yet be able to return to normal, we want to make sure that you have a full understanding of our expectations of visitors/students and what you can expect from us!

Last updated Nov 10, 2020

As of Thursday, November 12th our doors will be closed to the public, until restrictions are lifted in Manitoba.  Our online store is open 24/7; curbside pickup and city-wide delivery are also available.  Thank you for your continued support!

Last updated Nov 6, 2020
Starting Monday, Nov 9th to ensure the utmost safety for our customers and students we will now be offering appointment only hours.  This is a chance for individuals to book a slot while having the peace of mind of no other shoppers in the store.  The following will be our new hours;
  • Monday 10am-6pm
  • Tuesday 10am-8pm
  • Wednesday 10am-6pm
  • Thursday 10am-4pm
  • Friday 10am-6pm
  • Saturday 2pm-6pm
By appointment only;
    • Thursday 4pm-8pm
    • Saturday 10am-2pm
Last updated Oct 31, 2020
Restrictions have been put back into place and the City of Winnipeg pools have closed until further notice.  We will be contacting all of our current students once we have been given access back to the pools.
Last updated Sept 28th, 2020
As per Government of Manitoba regulations, you will be required to wear a face mask inside the dive shop at all times.  This is non-negotiable for you and us, and we strongly urge the use of hand sanitizer upon entry.
Last updated Sept 16th, 2020
We have now been given access to the City Pools, with new restrictions in place;
  • Face masks are mandatory inside all City Pools
  • Remain at a distance of 2m/6ft from staff and students, except for brief exchanges
  • We will meet and enter as 1 group, at the meeting location
  • Stay within designated space on deck prior to entering pool
  • Attendees are very limited, please be patient as we work through our queue
Check out our blog post for more details.
Last updated July 17th, 2020
We are happy to announce that we are back to regular hours!
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday 10am-8pm
  • Sunday (of training weekends) 2pm-6pm
All other protocols are still in place until otherwise specified by the Government of Manitoba.
Last updated June 19th, 2020
Phase 3 will allow us to open our doors with no occupancy limits starting June 21st;
  • It is required to remain a safe distance from staff and other visitors
  • All other safety protocols will still be adhered to, including making appointments for fittings
  • We will continue to monitor our own symptoms and expect the same of our guests
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door and counter, we urge each guest to use this upon entry
  • If you are wearing disposable gloves, we will require you to put on a new pair once you have entered the store
  • Starting Thursday, June 25th we will be extending our hours; Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am-6pm; Tues, Thurs 12pm-8pm and training weekend Sundays 2pm-6pm
The City of Winnipeg pools are remaining closed so we plan on completing all courses at West Hawk Lake, until we hear otherwise.
  • We have added Open Water courses to July and August trying to accommodate the large amount of requests, take a look at our training days on the calendar.
  • We are now able to offer small numbers for classroom instruction in regards to taking quizzes and exams, though we will still offer Zoom meetings if preferred.
Please review the update from May 26th for our standards of rental equipment!
Last updated May 28th, 2020
As of June 1st Manitoba’s Phase 2 plan, including the City of Winnipeg pools, will be reopening.  While we are as excited as everyone to resume our confined water classes, we do not yet know when we will be able to get in safely due to scheduling and restrictions.  It will definitely not be at our usual capacity for awhile, and we have a lot of people waiting.  But, at the very moment that we know when we can start getting you back in the water we will be in touch.  For now, all expectations from the May 26th update are still current!
Last updated May 26th, 2020
What we are doing;
  • Shorter hours so that we can complete full daily sanitation (we are sanitizing surfaces regularly during the day as well)
  • Providing hand sanitizer at the front door and sales counter
  • While we are fully sanitizing all of our display masks, we also provide alcohol wipes for you to disinfect masks prior to trying them on for your comfort
What we expect from you;
  • Please do not wear gloves to our store. If you feel you need to wear gloves, you must put on a new pair while in the store. Our surfaces are all sanitized and you touching them with used gloves just makes our work harder and does not keep you or anyone else safe
  • We may have to limit the number of people in the store, so please be patient if you must wait outside
  • We also ask that if you feel unwell that you not come inside. We are doing the same and staying home if we need to
  • We also ask that you limit the number of items you handle while in the store. Items that cannot be sanitized must be removed from the shelves for a week making them unavailable for other people to purchase
Rental Equipment
While we strongly encourage students and divers to purchase equipment for their own safety and comfort we will still be offering gear for rent.
What we are doing;
  • While we have always kept our gear clean, rest assured that we are thoroughly disinfecting all equipment items using approved disinfectants (Virkon)
What we expect from you;
  • Please schedule an appointment for fittings as it does take time between fittings to do this
  • We also must ask that you return all rental equipment as soon as possible so that we have enough time to fully disinfect and dry it for next use
    • We will be open on Sunday of training weekends from 2-6pm to accommodate this
    • Arrangements can be made outside of our regular operating hours as well
What we are doing;
  • We are scheduling virtual classes for all course academics (including quizzes and exams) so you do not need to come into the store to do this
  • While the pools are not open, we will be offering ‘Confined Water’ training at West Hawk Lake starting in July
  • We will be offering classes during weekdays and weekends to accommodate different schedules
  • We are maintaining or reducing (as needed) our already low student to instructor ratios to limit exposure
  • While courses may appear full on our calendar, we will add students to waitlist in case there is a cancellation
  • Some of our skills that have an increased chance of contact have been adapted to limit the chance of exposure
  • Staff will have spray disinfectant on hand to sanitize equipment as necessary throughout the training sessions
What we expect from you;
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer, use it regularly and avoid touching others’ equipment
  • Please follow your instructor’s guidance and suggestions