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Congratulations on completing your PADI Open Water Diver Certification with Diver City SCUBA!

We want to welcome you to the Manitoba dive community! Now that you are certified, one of the first questions you might have is “What is next!?” The answer – Go Diving!

  • The most important part of your new life as a SCUBA Diver is getting back in the water; whether it is at the pool, a fun dive or Advanced Open Water course at West Hawk Lake, or that next tropical vacation (on your own, or with a Club or Diver City group trip). Every dive from here on in will help you improve your skills, comfort, and love for the sport. We want to help you do that.
  • As a Congratulations gift, Diver City and the Manitoba Underwater Council have given you a free 1 year membership.  Please email us at info@divercityscuba.ca if you are interested in joining, and then you can take part in some of their activities and BBQ’s.
  • To help further connect you to other local divers, we host many events throughout the year that gives you the opportunity to meet other new and experienced divers, and make new dive buddies.  Please join us for the next event (see calendar for details). Can’t make an event? You can still sign up for our in-store buddy list.
  • Join the local dive club, Regulators Dive Club
  • We offer all required equipment for you to get back diving, including rental packages or individual items

Just because your course is over, doesn’t mean that we don’t still want to hear from you. We are connected through your dive training for your entire dive ‘career’. Please keep in touch!