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2020 has given us a chance to reset our priorities, and reflect on what is truly essential to us.  And while I’m sure you are reading this as an existing customer, student or friend.. sometimes it’s important to refresh on what it means to support local businesses.

There are endless advantages to shopping at a small business, but let’s start with 5;

  1. Environmental Impact: every purchase you get online came from somewhere, and all of those individual items were delivered to your house.. each time.  Imagine the impact these deliveries have on the environment.  Now, many small business also need to get items shipped to their stores but these items are able to be packaged together as a larger order therefore reducing the impact.
  2. Top Notch Service: having a business who focuses on their passion, whether it sport, fashion or good eats, you know you are going to get well-educated and enthusiastic staff ready to help!  With so much shopping turning to online, the staff know that when you go into the brick and mortar that you are there for a reason.. and they are thankful you stopped in!
  3. Creating Jobs: as crazy as this may sound Small Businesses, as a whole, employ the highest amount of employees in the nation.  And who are the employees, they are your neighbour, family, friend, or someone you see walking down the street in your community.
  4. Invested in the Community: small business owners are invested in the community and care for its future.  Whether it’s donating to a not-for-profit, or your son/daughter’s wedding social.. you know you can rely on the local business down the street.
  5. Uniqueness: Every city or town has the same chain stores, but the small businesses are what makes your community different.. and different gives character and charisma.  You can also find unique, handmade items that exists nowhere else in the world.

On this Small Business Saturday, take some time to reflect on where you’ll be doing your holiday shopping this season.  With this, undeniably, chaotic year I know that those businesses will TRULY appreciate each and every purchase that you make.

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