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In the midst of finishing up our second training weekend so far this year, we are excited to be back in the water!  This year we are finding more individuals who have never dived locally, but figured no better time than the present.  Making the best of a pandemic, what better excuse than to go diving.. or learn how to dive!

We are excited to start training the full open water course at West Hawk Lake starting in July, and clearly so are they as we have sold out 2 classes already.  We have dates set for August, but already have limited spots available.

This year may be the best year to try a new level of diving, that you may not have thought of before.  We are offering all continuing education courses and as many specialty courses as we can!

Have you ever wanted to dive to the Deepest depth of recreational diving, or Search for lost objects?? Maybe it’s time you hone in on your Buoyancy, or always know your way back to the boat with Navigation skills.  Don’t limit your dive season and try out a Drysuit and help us keep our dive site clean by removing Debris.

With endless options, and a pandemic not reaching us underwater, there is no doubt you will find us out at West Hawk Lake diving the summer away!

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