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Summer Plans

Normally by today, May 7th, we have our full summer schedule planned with courses running almost every weekend, monthly backyard BBQs and MUC events at the lake.

Well, as you can probably imagine, Summer 2020 has a different vibe!

As much as we cannot commit to scheduling Open Water courses right now with the city pools being closed, we are still working on getting our community diving again!  We are creating some fun games that can be “played” in small groups, as well focusing on certified divers and getting them diving!  We are finalizing plans on being able to teach many continuing education courses without the use of a pool and limiting the number of students to stay within our safe diving standards and now, safe distancing standards.

We are as anxious as anyone to get into the water and start teaching again, but at this time we do not have confirmed dates.  However, we have been staying busy with the release of our online store, sanitizing the whole store daily and doing virtual classrooms.

We hope you are as excited as us to get back into the water and that you and your family have stayed sane and healthy!

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