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Buoyancy Masters

We know that the number 1 rule in SCUBA diving is to never hold your breath.. but I also like to teach my students that the most important thing to master is buoyancy!  We’ve all been on those dives when you can see other divers upside down, looking into the coral heads, breathing in and out just enough to not touch their surroundings and we just stared in amazement.  Mastering your buoyancy can help achieve many results including; better air consumption, finding your perfect trim positioning, and of course make for some of the best, most relaxed dives you can imagine.  By controlling your breathing, you can seamlessly breath in to go up over a coral head and breath out once you passed it.  Doesn’t that sound amazing??

Every time you dive somewhere new or even change a piece of your equipment, your buoyancy and trim will need to be adjusted.  So buoyancy is a constant skill that needs to be worked on.  The best way to practice your buoyancy is, well of course, by diving!  Whether it’s in the pool, the lake or the ocean – practice, practice, practice!

We offer the full PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course during the summer or on any of our dive trips.  We also offer buoyancy clinics in the pool during the winter to help keep your skills up-to-date in the off season or just before your winter vacation!

Check out our calendar to see when our next clinic is!

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