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Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Bubbles

“Being submerged in the incredible undersea world is an amazing experience for the first time snorkeler and to the seasoned diver.” – SeaLife Underwater Cameras

Nobody would believe

you where in the ocean with sharks, because how could you have survived?? But, you have proof!  When you are diving, taking pictures can make sure you don’t ever forget all the amazing creatures and corals that you found under the surface.  Also, it can give non-divers or non-ocean lovers (is that a thing?) a new perspective and understanding for 71% of the earth’s surface.  Since we don’t want to disturb the environment in which we are snorkeling and SCUBA diving, taking pictures is the best way to not let those memories fade.

Underwater cameras come in all shapes and forms and can be as easy to use as point and shoot or as complicated as you want with full manual controls.  Which is why we love SeaLife Underwater Cameras!

SeaLife Micro 2.0 – a permanently sealed, 32GB or 64GB memory camera with the capabilities to image/video transfer via the SeaLife Micro Cam App or USB cable.  So this means a fully leak proof camera!! And its large piano keys make it very easy to use.. WOW!


SeaLife DC2000 – the most advanced camera that SeaLife offers but can be as simple as you want!  It has an inner camera that is waterproof to 60ft itself and then within the housing it is waterproof to 200ft.  Also has four underwater scene modes plus three underwater color filters, and 25 land scene modes.  So not only is it great for underwater but it can be your go-to land camera to capture rich landscapes, stunning close-ups and portraits.

With SeaLife cameras, there is also broad versatility for add-on sets that can include a single/dual tray with constant light, auto light, and flash.  Very customizable to your underwater diving needs!

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