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The Low Down on Vivid-Pix

Do any of your underwater pictures have you feeling blue or green?  Did you forget to take your red filter off while you were snorkeling?  We have been playing around in the shop with some of our own pictures with Vivid-Pix.  And the results have been great!  You have the flexibility to auto-correct pictures, reduce or increase colour hues, and even help restore some of those ancient photos that your parents passed down to you.  It’s a very simple to use program, upload your photo and it instantly gives you 9 options with different brightness and sharpness.  Once you’ve selected the image that you like the most you are able to still change the brightness, hues, sharpness, vividness etc. even more with an easy slide bar.  The layout is also great, since it keeps your original photo on the left side so you can see the updated one working its magic on the right.  Vivid-pix also never rewrites over your original picture, it is designed to save the updated picture as a copy.  My favorite part?  The restart button!  Just in case you’ve taken the corrections a few steps too far (oops a purple turtle!) you’re easily able to restart back to your original photo.

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