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March 2016

Wheeler in the Morning

We were back on TV on Wednesday, March 23rd on Wheeler in the Morning. Jacqui along with the crew spent some time underwater doing a Discover Scuba Dive at Cindy Klassen Pool. They talked about the gear, how to communicate underwater and had some fun while doing a few skills!

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Space Camp

We had the opportunity, with the Stonewall Centennial School, to conduct a simulated Neutral Buoyancy Lab at the Cindy Klassen Pool so the kids would get the chance to truly feel what it was like to be weightless.  The kids were lucky enough to be featured in their local newspaper, Stonewall Teulon Tribune, as well as a clip on CTV News.

We sure had a blast (into outer space) doing this mock lab so we hope to conduct this again in the future for Astronauts-to-be!!

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